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Want to have an approximate cost for your non working gadget repairs, before deciding of whether to repair or not, we will help you. Please fill in the below form and you will receive an approximate quote within 3-4 hours, and that is absolutely free of cost.

Obviously, once the phone is in our repair factory we will check out the problem a lot more acurately. Sometimes  it may happen that the problem is completely different as to what we initially predicted. In case the charges are less, then we pass on that benefit to you !  In case the fixes tend to be more complicated than anticipated, we'll offer you a revised and acurate estimate. Now it is upto you whether you want carry on repairs or not. In case you do not wish to repair your gadget, you not have to pay the estimate quote, but a nominal charges of Rs.499/- towards the time and effort spent by our technical and admin team towards getting you the accurate quotation.

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